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Extreme Effectiveness for Entrepreneurs

“Aspiring entrepreneurs are capable of creating GREAT businesses. 

But more often than not they make things more complicated than they need to be … and therefore get in their own way.

Complexity attacks entrepreneurs from two angles.
(1) It severely reduces our productivity and
(2) aggressively devastates our motivation.

And I, for one, think this is NOT OK! Clearly unjust and definitely wrong!
How about you?”

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Release date: September 2022

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That was my answer when my mentor asked me what I think about these days. You might know my mentor. His name is Michael Gerber. He is the best-selling author of one of the most important small business books of all time, The E-Myth. If you have read any of his many many books or ever heard him speak, you know that he is very wise and a deep thinker. No conversation is a light conversation. I am very grateful for that.

Michael asked me about the work that I do with my clients and what I think about. I gave him my answer. Then he simply said: “Kayvon, it is time for you to write YOUR book.”

Me? … little old me??? … I am not gonna lie. I felt anxious, scared, motivated, happy, and intimidated all at the same time. But …

When your mentor asks you to do something, you say YES.

So I did.

What we know so far is that entrepreneurs are facing complexity every hour of every day. It severely reduces their productivity and aggressively devastates their motivation.

What can be done about it? The clear answer that came to me next felt like a game-changer …

BEFORE anything else entrepreneurs have to focus on two things.

Effectiveness … and Resilience.

In hindsight in the past 15 years, these two have been the central ideas behind everything I did to serve my clients. It took many names and many forms. And there is a clear vision on how to organize and communicate it all: Two books
– One book on Entrepreneurial Effectiveness called “SIMPLIFY – Extreme Effectiveness for Entrepreneurs” 
– One book on Entrepreneurial Resilience called “RESPOND – Evergrowing Resilience for Entrepreneurs”

Now, let’s talk about the first book … SIMPLIFY
In seven chapters or so we are going to look at how make things work first, then how to make them work better and faster.
The chapters explore how to simplify 
Clarity, Focus, Commitment, Execution, Efficiency, Delegation and Momentum.

If you follow along with the entrepreneurs in the stories of this book, you could devilishly simplify your business, and gain an unfair advantage to extreme effectiveness without giving up your nights and weekends.

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This book is by a simplifier fascinated by making things simpler without over-simplifying them.
It contains some higher-level concepts, but more importantly, you’ll find a 3 phase, easy to follow process which you can start implementing right away.

This book helps you avoid unnecessary complications
And get things done easier, faster, and better
You too can become a simplifier. You can bring out the simplifier in you.

It has worked for me, all my clients, my friends, and my family. The tools and tactics are tested and proven over many years.

Extreme Effectiveness through Simplification is just a skill that you have not mastered yet. Anyone can learn and get better at it. You can learn and master this skill too. Just like riding a bicycle.

Our natural tendency is to make things harder than they should be. Don’t listen to that voice. Start following along and you could see how things can get simpler, easier and more effective.

If you are tired of spending too much time, money, and energy you should start reading now.

You don’t have to trust me. The tools and tactics in this book have worked for me and countless people I have shared it with. Take it for a test drive. If you don’t think you get value out of it, pick up a sharpie and with big letters written on the cover “this did not work for me” and send it back to me. I’ll give you a full refund.

Simple. Read one story at night and put it into practice the next day. There would be exercises and worksheets to help you every step of the way. 
Move to the next story when you are pleased with the previous one.

1- Pick up the book, 2- Start reading the introduction right away.

Only the frustration of doing things the hard way.